Monday, June 29, 2015

Upcycled Sasquatch

Interestingly enough, this project started with a conversation with my nephew about Minions. We were discussing the idea of making a Minion marionette and trying to decide what you might use as a base. In the process, I remembered some old bolster pillows I had lying around and lamented that they were brown and furry.

Remembering those pillows, though, sparked an idea. Surely we could make them into something, maybe a puppet. A Sasquatch, we decided. We turned some vending machine capsules into giant wiggle eyes with some pompoms and craft foam. Some precision cuts, fabric scraps, and hot glue gave it a mouth. We made a single tooth out of a bit of craft foam. It took a bit of hunting to find just the right t-shirt to make his feet. We had combed the pillow to tidy the fur (a goal that turned out to be futile, as you can see from the pictures) resulting in little wads of loose fur. A tuft of that made great hair. It's actually a pretty simple project but we're thrilled with the results.

Best of all is the way he dances.

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