Sunday, June 21, 2015

Finish Line

This is it! The end of my 48 hours. I've surpassed my both of my goals, having read more titles and more hours than last year. This year I read and reviewed 16 books, leaving just 2 of my pile (plus my 5 back-up books) unread. I also got through 4 1/2 discs of the audio book of The Diviners (which really is horrendously long at 15 discs/18 hours). By my best accounting, I spent 38 hours and 45 minutes reading and reviewing.

I realize this is the same photo I used for my starting line post but, disregarding the audio book at the top, this is my completed list (with the addition of 3 e-books: The Disappearance of Emily H., The Doubt Factory, and Out of the Dragon's Mouth.)

I'll likely do a more in depth look at my experience later today or perhaps Monday, once I've had a chance to sleep.


  1. Fantastic job! Thanks for being part of the 48HBC!

  2. Fantastic job! I think 38 hours is about the limit for most sane people. That need to sleep is a real drag! Hope you enjoyed yourself and feel really accomplished. Looks like you had lots of good titles!

  3. You are a winner of the 48HBC! Email me your address at MotherReader AT gmail DOT com so I can send your prize. Congratulations!