Monday, June 1, 2015

These toys have been assimilated

I seem to have developed an obsession with altering toys. Some of this comes from the lack of good merchandising for some of my favorite fandoms. The rest of it is probably my inability to leave well enough alone. Today I have two toys I remade over the weekend, both into Cybermen.

I found this C-3PO bobble head in a box destined for Goodwill. While I consider myself something of a Star Wars fan, something about this little toy just begged to be remade into a Cyberman.
I cut the rockets off the side of his speeder and sanded off much of his brow ridge (I'd have liked to have done more but his head is hollow and I hit air partway through). Wire and hot glue make up the "handles" on the sides of his head. The rest of the details simply painted on.

I'm not really sure where this action figure came from, given that I've never been a fan of the Power Rangers, but his relatively flat face and semi-robotic appearance seemed perfect for a Cyberman. He had some train elements as well but those were easily removed with a screwdriver.
 As with the bobble head, a little wire and glue make up his "handles". I had considered sanding off some of the molded decorations but I decided they give him character.

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