Friday, June 12, 2015

Book review - Survival Strategies of the Almost Brave

Title: Survival Strategies of the Almost Brave
Author: Jen White
Genre: realistic fiction
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                     Because of Mr. Terupt by Rob Buyea
charming, thoughtful

Summary: Liberty and Billie are supposed to be spending the summer (and hopefully the foreseeable future) with their dad, a nature photographer who travels around the country in an RV. That was the plan. Then their dad leaves them at a gas station and disappears. When she realizes that their dad is not coming back, it is up to Liberty to take care of them both and hopefully find a way to get them back to California and the friend they were staying with after their mother died. Along the way they meet a lot of interesting people.

My opinion: There's just something about survival stories - finding shelter, food, friendship, and transport in a strange place far from home, even if that strange place is a city. We find these stories highly appealing. This book is a solid representation of the genre. For most kids this isn't going to be a casual read. There are too many serious events. It might be a good selection for group discussion, though.
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