Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mr. Terupt Falls Again

When I first read Because of Mr. Terupt a few years ago I was not overly impressed. There were too many narrating characters with not enough to properly distinguish their voices. Honestly, I found it mediocre at best. I hadn't intended to give it another thought. Then I began to notice how it was favored among some of our young patrons and I wondered if I'd judged it too harshly. I figured it was worth reading the sequel to see if I liked this one any better. While some of the narration feels somewhat stiff and unnatural for a sixth grader, this volume seems like a noticeable improvement on the previous one. I still find Alexia in particular annoying and more like an idea of a preteen than a real kid. Her use of awkward slang, in particular, bothered me. Buyea is perhaps a little heavy handed with the lessons he intends for his readers but I'm beginning to see why kids enjoy these books.

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