Friday, February 27, 2015

Book review - Space Penguins Galaxy Race!

Title: Space Penguins Galaxy Race!
Author: Lucy Courtenay
Genre: humor
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too much fun

Summary: Captain James T. Krill, Rocky Waddle, Fuzz Algrin, and Splash Gordon explore space in their ship, Tunafish. Pilot Rocky jumps at the chance to compete in the Superchase Space Race. With Emperor Anadin Skyporker determined to win no matter what sneaky tricks he must pull and the evil Dark Wader focused on stopping them, can the penguins work together and win the race?

My opinion: What could be cooler than penguins in space? How about penguins in space when all of the names (people, places, even ships) are pop culture and sci-fi puns? Apart from being a laugh riot for kids and parents alike, this book has a solid message, great action, and entertaining characters. Plus, the illustrations are a fantastic cartoony style. This is sure to go over well with the fun-loving kids in your life.

More information: Space Penguins Galaxy Race! is new to paperback March 1.
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