Friday, February 6, 2015

Book review - The Question of Miracles

Title: The Question of Miracles
Author: Elana K. Arnold
Genre: realistic fiction
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really captured my attention

Summary: Iris hates her new life in Corvalis, Oregon. Her family's new house is much older than their house in California, cold and with different furniture that doesn't feel like home. It rains non-stop. Nothing has felt right since her best friend Sarah died. Then she meets Boris. Boris who has poor table manners, a know-it-all attitude, and no friends (but hanging out with him is better than eating alone). Boris who's medical miracle history just might make him the key to talking to Sarah one more time.

My opinion: Some books are able to help kids work through tough issues. This strikes me as one of those books. Elana Arnold explores Big Questions of life, death, and miracles. She doesn't attempt to give any concrete answers, just guides readers to the idea that we have to go on living after loss. The secondary characters don't have a huge amount of depth but personally I got so caught up in Iris's story that I didn't really notice this minor short-coming. Iris and her family are really charming. I really got caught up in their world. 
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