Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Book review - Soulprint

Title: Soulprint
Author: Megan Miranda
Genre: sci-fi
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Hard to believe

Summary: Alina has never had a normal life. For as long as she can remember she's lived on the island, contained for crimes committed in a previous life. When she receives a mysterious message telling her to be ready, Alina is off on the first adventure of her life, delving into her past self's secrets. She discovers a secret that could change the world.

My opinion: My problems with this book begin with the basic premise: scientists have been able to identify the soul in spinal fluid, thereby proving reincarnation. When I read that I was filled with questions, primarily how and why. the how is given the vague explanation of "markers" in spinal fluid. And I just can't think of why you'd even look for such a thing, especially in spinal fluid. There is no explanation given for that. Those unanswered questions meant that it was difficult for me to get really invested in the book. Once we got more into the action and the ideas of punishment and predestination I was more intrigued and the plot began to redeem itself. The large portion of the plot was pretty interesting and the tension was near perfect but that all fell apart near the climax. Add in some troubling plot holes ant that puts this book on very shaky footing for me.

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