Thursday, April 7, 2016

Books on screen

Curious George
As is often the case with film versions of picture books, this movie bears little resemblance to the original book. Really, though, does it need to? Curious George is a pop culture icon. Kids who have never read a Curious George book know George. And honestly, the first book would not have made a particularly good movie. It has questionable morals and a less than solid plot. The movie is not based on the books so much as the spirit of Curious George. That's what makes this movie work. It truly captures the blend of mischief and wonder that characterizes George. Will Farrell is likeable as Ted (this naming of the man in the yellow hat is the one thing I don't particularly like about this movie) and the plot is kid friendly, yet complex enough to entertain the parents watching with them. 

There are two more Curious George movies (which I have not seen) and a PBS kids series (which I enjoy and thoroughly recommend).

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