Saturday, April 23, 2016

Book review - Burning

Burning by Danielle Rollins

This was a good choice for this point in my line-up. The sci-fi/horror vibe was a nice change of pace. The trend of solid reads continues. Firstly, the world of the detention center is solidly portrayed. I liked that while each girl is individual, has her own quirks, personality, and habits, Rollins doesn't try too hard to make them vastly different. There isn't that "Breakfast Club" vibe that some books try too hard to build. In the end, the girls are just girls, brought together by bad choices and circumstance. while there are sci-fi elements (pyrokinesis, specifically) they aren't the main focus of the novel, making it readable even for those who don't typically read genre fiction. While the ending was a little less than satisfying, the majority of the book is well worth your time.

Pages in this book: 352
Pages read so far in challenge: 1328

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