Monday, August 3, 2015

Meet Toaster

While at the local Goodwill this week with some friends, we found a Folkmanis wild boar puppet. It was pretty cute but had seen some hard use and the fur was getting nearly threadbare in spots. Still, at just a dollar the price was right. I figured I could make him a little outfit that would cover up a lot of that roughness. Various ideas for clothes were thrown around (cowboy boots, a tutu, that kind of thing) but after we named him Brandolph "Toaster" Marquis, I got more of a hipster vibe for the whole thing. Here are some photos of Toaster in his completed outfit.

He's really a rather jaunty fellow, especially given the way his legs arranged themselves in this photo

a facial close-up

 Toaster's hat is cut down from a stocking cap with simple holes cut for his ears. His shirt is actually a baby shirt with the neckline pulled really low so you can access the hole that makes him a puppet. His vest is a simple rounded rectangle with armholes cut from an old sweatshirt. I sewed his skinny jeans from the leg of an old pair of jeans. They feature a hole in the seat for his tail to poke through which is not visible in any of these photos. His shoes are kind of boot/loafer hybrid made from craft foam, felt, and hot glue. The scarf and pipe cleaner glasses are just placeholders, representing items I'd like to make for him in the future once I track down some better materials. None of his clothing is attached so we can update his look in future if desired.

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