Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Book review - Scar Girl

Title: Scar Girl
Author: Len Vlahos
Genre: realistic fiction
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A pretty nice sequel
Summary: They called themselves The Scar Boys, mostly because of the burn scars that marred the face of their guitarist, Harry. After an accident took vocalist Johnny's leg, the name seemed especially apt. After their first taste of fame and success, their search for direction and purpose leads them to discover that there are many kinds of scars.

My opinion: The first book, The Scar Boys, focused on finding a sense of normalcy while also realizing that none of us are ever truly "normal". It was a fun, sometimes deep, book. This book takes those ideas and builds upon them. It unapologetically explores all of a person's scars. It can be rather rough, emotionally. None of the problems are easily resolved. It's not a perfect read. Some may find the interview style rather distancing, the decisions of some of the characters too simple. If you've read the first book, though, this one is a solid read.
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