Monday, August 24, 2015

Custom centaur

I've been cleaning house lately and, as is inevitable in a big clean-out, I found a bunch of stuff I had forgotten I even owned. Most of has been packed away to take to Goodwill. A few things, though, I set aside to craft with. Like today's craft.

I blame this one entirely on Desmond Pucket Makes Monster Magic (see my review dated 8/21). In the book, Desmond talks about altering his sister's Barbie dolls into monsters. I had already thought about trying my hand at frankentoys, so that reference was enough to put me over the edge. Luckily I had a few little McDonalds toys that were well suited to what I had in mind: a centaur.

Metro Man
My Little Pony

It was a pretty simple matter to sever Metro Man at the waist with a hobby knife and pry off his cape. I also cut off the extra decorations on his arms. Removing the pony's head was a little messier and I had to trim her neck afterwards. Once the toys were dismembered, I hot glued Metro Man's torso to the pony's neck. I ended up smoothing that joint somewhat with extra glue.
Now, once I got him assembled, I realized that the legs were a little short so I added a little height with some Model Magic that I had lying around. While the pony's hooves have depressions that helped anchor the clay, I did end up having to glue those additions on with hot glue. 

After a quick base-coat of white, I painted his features in acrylic. I finished him with clear acrylic sealer.

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