Friday, July 31, 2015

Book review - School for Sidekicks

Title: School for Sidekicks
Author: Kelly McCullough
Genre: sci-fi/superhero
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                     Hero Worship by Christopher Long

Summary: Evan has always dreamed of being a superhero but no matter how many times he checks, he never seems to develop any powers. Not until he takes a trip to a local amusement park and has a strange experience with one of the attractions. Then, on a class trip to a museum, he has an encounter with a villain that turns out, surprisingly, in his favor. The next thing he knows he's been swept off to a secret school for meta-humans, known to the students as the School for Sidekicks. Apprenticed to a has-been hero, Evan soon discovers that being a superhero is far more complicated than he ever dreamed.

My Opinion: Modern books about superheroes are doing a great job of exploring the very nature of being "super" (or as this books calls it "meta"). This particular novel really explores heroes and villains, pointing out the necessity and sacrifice of both and providing a larger design for both sides of the dichotomy. I also appreciated the way this novel points out the inherent danger to non-powered humans simply because powered humans exist. There is only the beginning of exploration of character in this novel but given how it ended this is clearly the first in a series and I presume that the characters will develop further in future books. 

More information: School for Sidekicks releases August 4.
Advanced Reader Copy provided by NetGalley.

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