Friday, July 3, 2015

Book review - The Six

Title: The Six
Author: Mark Alpert
Genre: sci-fi
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Scientifically strong

Summary: Ever since muscular dystrophy stole his mobility, Adam has filled his days with writing virtual reality games which allow him to run, jump, and play football like he used to. His father offers a more permanent solution: transfer his consciousness into digital information, allowing him to inhabit a robot body. This offer isn't entirely magnanimous. Adam and five other terminally ill teens will be expected to fight Sigma, an artificial intelligence gone rogue that threatens to dominate and destroy all humankind.

My opinion: Unlike some sci-fi with dubious technology, this novel lays out the science, purpose, and other potential usages of the technology. If you can believe such a technology possible, than the plot makes sense. It's very cinematic, with tight pacing and not much in the way of introspection. In fact, Adam and the others adjust surprisingly well to their new life as machines. In that aspect, the characterization is a bit weak. The characters don't particularly grow or change, but the use of technology is phenomenal. There are some spectacular scenes where Adam describes the sensations of moving his new robot body or of moving between objects as pure information. If you enjoy looking at the world from unique perspectives, this might be the book for you.

More information: The Six releases July 7.
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