Friday, July 17, 2015

Book review - Saving Mr. Terupt

Title: Saving Mr. Terupt
Author: Rob Buyea
Genre: realistic fiction
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Not my favorite
Summary: Peter, Jeffrey, Alexia, Anna, Danielle, Luke, and Jessica had two great years with Mr. Terupt as their teacher. Now they're moving up to junior high and facing new challenges. Some of these things threaten to tear their tight knit group apart. It looks like Mr. Terupt was the glue that held them together. When they discover Mr. Terupt is in danger, could it be the push they need to work together again?

My opinion: To be 100% frank, I find these books tiresome. I found several of the kid's voices inauthentic, more like adults trying to talk like kids than real kids (in particular, I'm thinking of Alexia, whose chapters over use the word "like" as a Valley Girl would). The plot is predictable with the occasional ridiculous plot twist. The ending is a prime example of deus ex machina, resolution coming from happenstance rather than the efforts of the characters. The series does have it's positive points. There's a wide range of character types coming from different kids of families. The sheer number of perspectives make for quick, if occasionally confusing, reading. And the kids in these books are encouraged to be aware of current events, local politics, and the like which can encourage readers to do the same. So, while I don't care for them, I understand why this series is popular with kids.

More information: Saving Mr. Terupt is the third in a series, preceded by Because of Mr. Terupt and Mr. Terput Falls Again,
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