Thursday, June 26, 2014

The TARDIS has landed

To kick off our teen summer reading program, we had an evening of Doctor Who related games and activities. I thought a lot about how I wanted to describe the program but I think I'll just let the photos speak for themselves. If you have any questions about details of what happened, just let me know.

Enter through the TARDIS door. It's bigger on the inside.
Assorted Doctor Who references. The clear box in front is the shadow box I've been working on.
The TARDIS console and book recommendations.
The snacks
Always take a banana to a party. Bananas are good.
Jelly babies (aka Sour Patch Kids) and crackers. Two hearts. Ha!
Jammie dodgers
 Actually, the Jammie dodgers do have a little story attached. I wanted to post this picture:
Nice, right?
 Then it would seem like I had made this big batch of almost perfect cookies. That picture is a lie. Only those two looked that good. Most of the cookies looked like this:
Broken, discolored, and weirdly shaped.

Tossing baby Adipose

Weeping angel red light, green light. Not really sure why he is karate chopping

Move the mini M&Ms with your plasmavore little straw

Flying the TARDIS

Stack up your Jelly Babies

The end of the monster name match-up game
We all loved these quotation speech bubble props


In case you can't read it, this one says "Would you like a jelly baby?"
Holding our Jello Ood brains
And, at last, me in my costume

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