Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ninja Librarians Recon Team Week 6

This is it. The final week of the Ninja Librarians Recon Team prompts. It's been a lot of fun. In fact, that's this week's prompt: Tells us your favorites. Your favorite part of the book. Your favorite part of the whole Ninja Librarians adventure, from reading the book to being a Recon Team member.

So, my favorite part of the book was definitely the beginning. I love the clutter and the chaos of the Barnes home. Miranda was a great, quirky little sister and her quirks nicely set up later events. And Dorrie is so wonderfully ordinary. It's a great beginning to a great book.

My favorite part of this whole experience (apart from the book) was the list from week 2. I loved compiling my list of things I would take out of books. It really stretched my creativity.  

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