Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ninja Librarians Recon Team Week 4

It's hard to believe I've been doing these prompts for 4 weeks already! For your enjoyment I present the fourth Ninja Librarians Recon Team prompt:
Which historical figure would you apprentice for and what would you learn?

After a lot of consideration (so many amazing people to choose from) I settled on naturalist William Bartram. As Bartram's apprentice I would learn to identify and classify plants, as well as how to accurately draw them for reference later. The advantage to being able to identify plants is no matter where you go, you'd know what is edible. It's an essential survival skill that I've always admired. I also think I'd benefit from some expert drawing tips. Plus, Bartram worked with a lot of historical figures in his life time. He was friends with Benjamin Franklin and it seems to me as his apprentice I'd stand a decent chance of meeting his famous friends, which would be completely awesome.

And if I didn't get accepted as Bartram's apprentice, I'd probably Hugh Lofting just so I could learn to write like him.

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