Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Guest review - Uglies

When I first started blogging, I knew I wanted to include others on here. So today I bring you the first of what will hopefully be many posts by friends and coworkers. This particular coworker prefers to remain anonymous online and has selected the pen name Elizabeth Murphy. Elizabeth said she really enjoyed the review process and intends to write several other reviews for me.

Title: Uglies
Author: Scott Westerfeld
Genre: science fiction
Similar books: The Program by Suzanne Young
                     The Circle by Dave Eggers

Summary: A new society and way of looking at life. If everyone is made "pretty" it makes all people equal. But does it really work that way? The problem arises when some of the characters question the society (like all teenagers should).
Your opinion: A great page turning book, even if it is a little far fetched. The society seems very real as does the great new technology. Things change very quickly towards the end and the last scenario leaves the reader waiting for the next book. Maybe too much up in the air.

Thanks Elizabeth for the review! Stay tuned. In a few weeks I hope to have a side by side review with my coworker Abby.

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