Friday, May 2, 2014

Book Review: Riot

Title: Riot
Author: Sarah Mussi
Genre: dystopian thriller
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Mostly thrilling, but a bit of a let-down

Summary: Life in Great Britain is at a boiling point. Unemployment and crime are at a record high. Businesses are failing. Cities are overcrowded. In an effort to fix things, politicians suggest a radical move: cut funding to support systems for the poor and force sterilization on drop-outs, criminals, and other "problem populations." Outraged, Tia and her hacker friends organize protests. They find themselves caught up in something much larger.
My Opinion: Probably 98% of this book was thrilling, nail-biting action. Tia and Cobain are thrown from one dangerous situation right into the next. There isn't a lot of lingering in one place to think over their decisions or lament how badly their lives are going. So, it's not particularly introspective but the sheer amount of action makes up for it. The 2% that let me down was the end. Without giving too much away, just know that I'm not a fan of Hollywood endings and this one definitely dips into that territory. In spite of that, still well worth reading.
More Information: Riot is published by Hachette Children's Books of Great Britain.

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