Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Graphic Novels

I like to consider myself a graphic novel advocate. I see literary merit in a lot of graphic novels. So, about once a week I'll be sharing some graphic novel I find worthwhile with you. Please feel free to share your thoughts (and especially suggestions for similar graphic novels!) in the comments.
Redwall the Graphic Novel
By Brain Jacques; adapted by Stuart Moore

This is likely to be the only time you'll see an adapted graphic novel on this blog. Generally speaking, my opinion is if the original novel exists you should read that. I have a fondness for this one for two reasons. 1. This was my introduction to the world of Redwall. I'd found the first book hard to get into and the graphic novel hooked me in. I quickly read the traditional novel and six other Redwall books immediately after this graphic novel. (It's actually the way I'm most likely to recommend this one.) The art is absolutely amazing. There's this incredible attention to detail. Each panel is like an individual work of art.

One of my favorite bits - the tapestry of Martin the warrior

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