Friday, February 28, 2014

Book Review: Blue Gold

Title: Blue Gold
Author: Elizabeth Stewart
Genre: realistic fiction
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Summary: The stories of three teen girls on three continents are connected by one thing - Coltan and the cellphones that use it. Sylvie is a refuge in Tanzania, her home in the Democratic Republic of Congo torn apart by the fight over Coltan. Laiping has taken a job in a cellphone factory in China, assembling phones that use coltan. In Canada, Fiona has made a risky decision to send her boyfriend a nude "selfie" with one of these phones.
My Opinion: While the connection between these girls is at best tenuous, each story is compelling and important. I found Sylvie's the strongest, Laiping's the most compelling, and Fiona's the most applicable to local teens. Most importantly, this book asks us to really think about the technology we use. Stewart even provides resources for mindful consumption, websites that list companies that use conflict-free materials and fair wage labor. Not perfect, but thought provoking and socially conscious.

Advanced Reader Copy provided by Netgalley

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