Thursday, March 31, 2016

Graphic Novel Spotlight: The Crogan Adventures

The Crogan's Adventures series by Chris Schweizer

Each of the three books in this series approaches a different moral concept, like loyalty or vengeance, and uses an historical tale to illustrate it. The stories start with a modern family having some sort of dilemma. The father tells a story from his family history with a broader example of the same issue. The first two books are less polished, but by book 3, Crogan's Loyalty, Schweizer's work truly shines. Book 3 explores the various loyalties that influence a person: loyalty to family, to government, to ideals. Sometimes these loyalties conflict with one another, the focus of this plot. 
In all three books, no simple conclusions are drawn. There are no easy answers provided, just concepts to consider. The exaggerated, cartoony nature of the illustrations balances out the more serious nature of the story, providing light-hearted moments. All told, these are entertaining and informative stories with a contemplative heart. A great supplement to historical curriculum as well.

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