Monday, March 28, 2016

A quick skirt

Last week I set myself a goal to make a new skirt for Easter Sunday. Ideally, I wanted to buy a plain skirt at the thrift store that I would then embellish. Unfortunately, I didn't find such a skirt. What I did find was this sundress.

I'm not really a sundress sort of person and this dress is rather on the short side. But, with the sleeves removed just above the smocking, it became the perfect length for a skirt. I added an iron-on rhinestone embellishment. The skirt had two small stains but those were easily covered with some decorations. I figured birds fit in nicely with the tree I had already added.

The best way to add these birds would have been to embroider them. But this skirt is a jersey knit and you really need a stabilizer to embroider on a knit and I had no stabilizer on hand. These birds were drawn with fabric markers. In future, I'll probably redo them with embroidery.

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