Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Star Wars crafts

Given that Monday was Star Wars Day, I made two Star Wars crafts this week. These are quick and easy projects.

Princess Leia headphones
I've had my eye open for a good pair of headphones for a while specifically so I could do this project. All you need is: headphones, craft foam, yarn, and hot glue. Cut 2 circles of foam large enough to cover the ear part of the headphones and a long rectangle to cover the strap. Now cover these foam pieces with yarn. I glued the yarn in a spiral on the circle pieces and in rows on the rectangle. Glue the circles to the ends of the rectangle. I wanted to be able to remove the decoration  so instead of gluing it directly to the headphones I made small foam strips that wrap around the headphones and hold the Leia hair in place.


Lightsaber earrings
These are made out of Lite Brite pegs. I painted the rounded ends with silver model paint. After the paint dried I added the details with permanent marker and attached jump rings to the rounded ends with hot glue. 


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