Monday, April 20, 2015

Making a puppet show on a short time frame

Next week I'll be helping my nephew (nearly 12 and crazy creative) perform a puppet show version of David and Goliath. We spent about 2 hours this weekend getting ready. This is what we came up with for puppets.

Goliath is made from a puppet that my nephew already owned. This particular puppet has replaceable features so he selected the angriest eyes. Add a viking helmet and beard that he had from Halloween a couple of years ago and a sort of bronze colored fabric for armor and Goliath becomes a pretty menacing figure.

We made David from scratch. He's a basic sock puppet with felt eyes, a card stock nose, and a cardboard circle in his mouth for stability. Fabric scraps and a little bit of extra sock form his clothing and arms. For David's hair we found some hair left over from a doll making project that had become quite matted. It wasn't any good for dolls anymore but looks pretty good on David's head.

Jesse is what is frequently referred to as a glove puppet. His body is a simple shape made from t-shirt. His head is a large plastic Easter egg covered in the toe of a sock. Like David, his eyes are made from felt and his nose from card stock. Some scraps of furry fleece serve as his beard and eye brows. 

There will also be two other puppets. We were able to borrow a glove puppet king to serve as King Saul. Additionally, we'll have a double sided stick puppet for the crowd: cheering on one side and frightened on the other.

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