Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Book review - Undertow

Title: Undertow
Author: Michael Buckley
Genre: dystopia
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pretty cool, if a little predictable

Summary: Lyric Walker's life used to be predictable. Until the day that the Alpha arrived on Coney Island and the whole world changed. 30,000 ocean dwelling warriors now occupy the beach and a small group of Alpha teens are about to start attending Lyric's school and it's turning Coney Island into a powder keg. When Lyric is manipulated into helping the Alpha prince, Fathom, assimilate it might be the spark that sets things off. Some people want the Alpha gone - no matter the cost.

My opinion: I love books that bring important ideas to the forefront of our minds. This one suggests that our notion of American society being very accepting is flawed, that faced with a large group of physically superior beings we would react with fear and violence rather than open arms. While the plot follows a rather predictable path, the pacing is spot on. Plus, the setting and people are fantastically described. ItThe characters have depth and development. There is plenty of action and a solid romantic element for those so inclined. This is the first in a series, a fact that becomes abundantly clear when you reach the end, so bear that in mind when you consider reading this one if waiting for a second volume will be problematic for you (as it sometimes is for me). 

More information: Undertow releases May 5th.
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