Monday, April 13, 2015

I now have the most fun dishes

While browsing the internet for crafting inspiration I came across this tutorial for animal handled cups. If you've been reading my blog for very long you may remember the giraffe serving tray. These cups captured my imagination in a similar manner. In fact, when I went shopping for tumblers for this project, I found a 4 pack that is almost the exact same shade of green. Fortuitous.

The tutorial calls for super glue. I used E6000 instead, which I prefer as it doesn't cloud on plastic the way super glue can. E6000 takes much longer to set though, so if you decide to replicate this project you may want to stick with the super glue. Additionally, the cups in the tutorial are spray painted. I had intended to do the same but when I got the animals onto the cups I decided I liked how they looked in their original state. I might, sometime in the future, add some little embellishments but for now I like this look.

The zebra is my absolute favorite.
You might notice glue spots under the tails of most of the animals. I missed the tip in the tutorial about making sure the tails rest on the table to help counterbalance their excessive weight before you glue. As a result I ended up building what amounts to little stands out of hot glue to give the cup another point of contact with the table. They aren't particularly stable when empty but it doesn't take much water to have them sitting flat on the table again.

Don't you think they'll look awesome with my giraffe tray?

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