Monday, February 26, 2018

Wilber is a snappy dresser

While shopping at a thrift store, I happened upon a plush camel with a strangely long and dangly neck and legs. As I examined the camel I realized it had, at one point, been a marionette. Since it was still in good shape I decided to buy it and make it a puppet once more. I haven't decided, yet, if it will be a marionette or a rod puppet. While I decided on the format, I've been developing him into a character. Wilber (short for Wilberforce) is going to have a rather extensive wardrobe, I suspect. To begin with, he has a monocle and a collar with a necktie. The monocle was made from a piece of plastic packaging, wire, and hot glue. His collar was the cuff of an old polo shirt, the tie a bit of a sock.


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