Monday, October 24, 2016

Not your typical stuffed bunny

Today's project is something I started a few weeks ago when my hands needed something to do that wasn't as messy as polymer clay (which is what I actually should have been doing).  I found the remains of a skein of yarn and decided to whip up the cyclops project from KnitWit by Kate Boyette, the source of one of the first crafts I posted about on this blog. Of course, because I was using scrap, I ran out of yarn before finishing but that allowed me to personalize my cyclops, making his arms and legs a different color. He doesn't look exactly like the original project, but I'm quite fond of Norris (I intended to name him Ogden, but the further I got the more he wanted to be called Norris).

Point of clarity - the bunny suit is original to the pattern. There are a handful of details particular to Norris

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