Thursday, February 4, 2016

Graphic Novel Spotlight - Herobear and the Kid

Herobear and the Kid: The Inheritance by Mike Kunkel

Here's a graphic novel that is sure to appeal to kids and adults alike. Indeed, Kunkel actually addresses the adults in the audience. The opening narration for each issue appears to be an adult Tyler recalling childhood and its sense of wonder, belief, and magic in a way that is certainly more typical of an adult than any ten year old. ThHe magic and that recapturing of wonder along with the great details and sense of artistry will appeal to adults. The cartoon style and the fulfillment of every kid's desire to be a hero will draw in the young, not to mention the universal dilemmas of new schools, the bus, and bullies. The combination of a thrilling plot and fantastic detail make Herobear an all around excellent choice.

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