Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Book review - The Bolds

Title: The Bolds
Author: Julian Clary
Genre: humor
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very silly fun
Summary (provided by publisher): The Bolds live in an ordinary suburban house on an ordinary suburban street in London—but they are far from being an ordinary family...
Mrs. Bold makes unusual hats from egg boxes and chicken bones.
Mr. Bold is rather fond of scavenging in the neighbors' garbage cans.
Bobby is a cheeky little one, always running about and chewing on table legs.
And Betty likes to chase her brother and has a strange, cackling laugh.
Yes, they are far from being an ordinary family. But have you guessed their secret yet? 

My opinion: This is a truly bizarre book, but bizarre in a way that makes it a great deal of fun. It is the ultimate in silly with a perfect blend of the ludicrous and toilet humor. The illustrations really support the plot. Parents might not love this book but it should be a hit with the children. I personally enjoyed it more than I expected. Clary has an acute sense of comedic timing. A great choice for fans of offbeat humor.

More information: The Bolds releases March 1. 
Advanced Reader Copy provided by NetGalley.

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