Monday, March 23, 2015

Experimenting with t-shirt crafts

Ever get an idea and run with it without really thinking through all the steps or really making a solid plan? I usually rein in those impulses but occasionally I like to just freeform a craft. Sometimes the results are great (like with the goat puppet I made for my nephew) and sometimes they're .... well, the craft I'm sharing with you today.

This project started with a doodle of a rag doll with striped socks. I knew I had some scraps of a striped t-shirt tucked away so I found some other t-shirts that coordinated and just ran with it. I didn't even make any patterns. Which is why one arm is longer than the other and one leg of the shorts is significantly wider. Still, I feel like the base concept is solid and if I take the time to create an actual pattern it could be a project worth repeating.

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