Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Non fiction book review - Votes of Confidence

Votes of Confidence by Jeff Fleischer

I've never been much of a political person and my understanding of our government was pretty limited, informed as much by School House Rock as it was by actual school lessons. I'm prone to avoiding anything with a political slant. So for me to work my way through this book with any degree of interest or comprehension should be considered a feat and a measure of praise for the author. The first section lays out the basics of our system of government, it's history, and simple functions. This is the part we likely learn in school. It also points out nuance that is typically ignored in school, things that are actually just tradition rather than strict rules. The remainder focuses more on election rules - the different times and types of elections, voter rules, and the ways various groups attempt to manipulate voters and rules for their own ends. I highly recommend this one to any reader, teen or adult, who wants to better understand our political system.
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