Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Book review - Captain Superlative

Title: Captain Superlative
Author: J.S. Puller
Genre: realistic fiction
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a solidly inspiring tale of real life heroes

Summary (provided by publisher): "Have no fear, citizens! Captain Superlative is here to make all troubles disappear!"
Red mask, blue wig, silver swimsuit, rubber gloves, torn tights, high top sneakers and . . . a cape? Who would run through the halls of Deerwood Park Middle School dressed like this? And why?
Janey-quick to stay in the shadows-can't resist the urge to uncover the truth behind the mask. The answer pulls invisible Janey into the spotlight and leads her to an unexpected friendship with a superhero like no other. Fearless even in the face of school bully extraordinaire, Dagmar Hagen, no good deed is too small for the incomparable Captain Superlative and her new sidekick, Janey.
But superheroes hold secrets and Captain Superlative is no exception. When Janey unearths what's truly at stake, she's forced to face her own dark secrets and discover what it truly means to be a hero . . . and a friend.
Debut author J.S. Puller delivers an inspirational story full of heart, humor, and breathtaking revelations.

My opinion: I went into this book somewhat dismissive. How quickly I was corrected. It's funny because I can point to specific elements that would normally annoy me: making excuses for bullies, ill children living freely, the bullied kids coming together to defy the bully. I would normally be rolling my eyes at such moments. Instead I enjoyed most of it, because it's so much more. It's an exploration of putting kindness into the world even when it has been treating you unfairly. It's determining your legacy. It's being fearlessly weird. It's pain and joy. Dynamic, appealing characters in a halfway believable plot.
Advanced Reader Copy provided by NetGalley

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