Monday, February 6, 2017

Cork board objects

I'm working on a large craft project which is still in progress. With nothing new to post, I went looking around my house for something I'd made before but hadn't posted about yet and caught site of my bulletin board. There are a few items on the board that I'm particularly fond of. At one point I was working on a plan for a felt board of the story Officer Buckle and Gloria. That plan never came to fruition but I did get a little felt Gloria made and was so fond of it that I couldn't bear to just throw it away so it is pinned to my board.
I love her sweet little face
 Also on my board are two customized thumb tacks. Glitter coated horse and unicorn heads are perhaps a bit more girly than my usual fare, but I tend to think of them like taxidermied mounts. They're weird enough to keep. Plus, hacking the heads off of little plastic animals and gluing them to tacks is harder than you might think.

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