Friday, January 27, 2017

Book review - The Time Museum

Title: The Time Museum
Author: Matthew Loux
Genre: graphic novel/sci-fi
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a pretty exciting adventure

Summary (provided by publisher): The internship program at the Time Museum is a little unusual. For one thing, kids as young as twelve get to apply for these prestigious summer jobs. And as for the applicant pool . . . well, these kids come from all over history.
When Delia finds herself working at the Time Museum, the last thing she expects is to be sent on time-traveling adventures with an unlikely gang of kids from across the eons. From a cave-boy to a girl from the distant future, Delia's team represents nearly all of human history! They're going to need all their skills for the challenge they've got in store . . . defending the Time Museum itself!

My opinion: At face value, this is a pretty standard team adventure story. Differing personalities come together to accomplish something difficult. Their differences are what make them work as a tea,, etc. If it weren't for the charm and subtle humor of the illustrations it would be largely forgettable. The facial expressions are particularly excellent. There's a great sense of flow and movement both within and between panels. This is a solid choice for middle grade fans of adventure and graphic novels.

More Information: The Time Museum releases February 21.
Advanced Reader Copy provided by NetGalley.

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