Thursday, May 19, 2016

Books on screen

Ella Enchanted

I actually saw the movie version of this one before I even knew the book existed. That is probably why I enjoy both of them. There are some small, though notable, differences between the two. For instance, in Levine's original novel Ella and Char are friends in their youth, before Ella is sent to charm school where she meets her soon-to-be stepsisters, Olive and Hattie. The book has far more magical entanglements, more "gifts" bestowed by the fairy Lucinda that complicate Ella's life. The resolution is simpler in the movie, a single ball with a poisoned crown plot set by Char's uncle (also his guardian), while the book has a series of matchmaking balls set by Char's parents (not dead in this version) that Ella attends in costume before a group of plotters get hold of her and force her to become a part of their plot. I'd also say that the movie is cheesier though that cheesiness actually works in it's favor, giving it a sort of eye-rolling charm While it's not the most faithful representation of a book I've ever seen, this movie is well worth watching. Just don't be afraid to give the book a read as well.

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